can’t stop won’t stop

this weekend is dedicated to the god of suckers and small things.

i was off to d.c. for another day trip, this time to organize with the hip-hop caucus as they gear up for 2006. in a room full of mostly college students, the gathering was a passing on of power and leadership from the eloquent reverend yeardwood to an earnest and energetic group of mostly d.c. and ny campus organizers.  i was reminded of my college organizing years, when i spoke of revolution as if it might erupt the next minute if we could convince enough people to dream it.  like all the work that’s happening right now, the success of the caucus rides on its ability to collaborate with others, which is a great place for us all to be.

meanwhile, on the other side of the world…remember a few posts back i wrote dreamily about watching a dude pull up in a car in the rain for his girl? and spoke of higher standards? so what do you do when an old flame is suddenly that dude, the sweetest gentleman ever, pulling some movie star game out of some hidden back pocket? i can only liken the experience to…the sun coming out after an apocalyptic explosion. i’m peeking through the boards nailed over my bunker’s door and i know that sun is too bright and hot for my tender heart, skin, whatever. it’s still so fucking gorgeous though – not the look of sun but that feeling, that closed eye feeling when the sun is all over you. i can only thank god for my stockpile of ice queen and current selection of sexy bunkmate options – i hope this makeshift shelter can hold up against the heat. i believe that’s the far end of that metaphor.

and now i’m in the presence of the most perfect 5 year old, mr jalen kai, who is dressed up in his halloween ninja costume and wants me to go sword fighting. i am holding up the whole day!

but i just had to note that some days, the idealistic and perhaps egotistical (anytime we think that something has to happen cause we’re alive to see it) and perservering faith of others – students, heartbreakers, gorgeous children – can make you believe anything is possibly, even love and revolution (those two shades of change).