me and my mojo

wow i am in a good mood…

the weekend was dope – starting with an amazing dinner at paola’s and ending with an amazing dinner with the local ny league organizers to start thinking about our 2006 work. well actually ending with the sweet good morning of jalen kai. you can never really see enough jalen:


and now i’m in the midst of a super productive day after a little stoop session with young d-zy, my girl dani mcclain.

this recent period of being a little pursued is so nice, has me having little ‘me? hot?’ moments all over the place. my phone is blowin up in the best kind of ways. mojo in effect, and as you all know mojo begets moho.

now there is a line, where pursuit becomes scary…too. i got chased out of the train this morning by this guy who was coming off when i was getting on, turned around and followed me asking for my number the whole train ride home. i finally had to say i was going to authorities if he didn’t stop following me. nasty man. but the caller has stopped calling as much, which is a good sign. ick!

but anyway, yeah mojo is all in effect and as usual, beyonce has just the song for me. with just the video for me and for everyone else. go to music.yahoo.com and look up ‘check on it’! that will tell you the place i am in, in case you are curious.

and i am about to launch my career as a team of covert radical bloggers in the blogosphere – who’s with me? there’s so much to write about.

i have to take a moment to express my sadness at the huge number of iraqi civilians that have been killed recently – its just getting worse and worse and that was starting from horrifically bad. but it made me think to ask myself, what have you done recently in the anti-war effort? why not do something today. choose whatever you can do, whatever you feel is the best little thing, but we must continue to engage and deepen our dissent and make the anti-war voice louder. so i called a few senators to remind them that this shit is unacceptable. and i saw a dope shirt i’m going to buy – go to www.cotam.org – one that says ‘stop wars’, looks like the star wars logo. i think the league is going to build with them.

now – monday is mojo day. get yours on.