my world, vs the world

hmm, i regularly add things to the lists on the right (like this blog lifeinthemuddle, or the funny white guys dancing) that i think are awesome and should be consumed by y’all. i hope you notice. in my world they are worth experiencing.
in THE world, they are another way to waste small parts of a day.

the theme today is – my world, vs THE world.

(in my world that comma goes there to indicate how i would use my hands in a convo to make that distinction)(in THE world, that comma might just be wrong)

in my world, i indulge the two shades of my current mojo by playing beyonce’s check on it and then mariah’s don’t forget about us.
in THE world, i am in that tender place between a nice girl hoochie and a pensive love-fool.

in my world, i am extremely private and hard to get to know, even after years.
in THE world, i bare my soul, or at least my tangents, to strangers daily and people i’ve never met feel close to me and see themselves in my bizarre journeys.

in my world, its unironic that i love oreos so much.
in THE world, mixed girls loving oreos is always a laugh. (hence my long suffering avoidance of said cookie before i finally realized that its just tastier, that white cream, that crunchy chocolate. i’ma get one now!)

in my world, i have cheekbones and am tall.
in THE world, particularly as represented in photos, i clearly have no cheekbones  and always seem shorter than the others in the picture unless its one of the folks from my team of almost-little people (from college until now, i have kept a circle of folks who are under 5′ close by. perhaps, just perhaps, because it perpetuates the MY world sense of height which life is proving to be a false construct.)

in my world, people should recognize when they are sounding completely defensive, or pushing only their own agenda, or being remarkably hypocritical. and they should at the very least acknowledge and try to stop, as opposed to saying: ‘not to sound defensive’ and then being defensive. {i am guilty of this too, even in my world. damnit.)
in THE world, people hem and haw and being polite almost always beats out calling folks on their shit.

in my world, women engage in important symbolic rituals to help them clean their hearts of hurtful love – we erase the phone numbers and move folks off our aim list and burn their love notes and throw away all but one little reminder of the passion they inspired in us. and that little piece, that heartthrob time capsule, is just to whip out later in life like tiffany’s ‘i think we’re alone now’ and laugh cause once you loved everything about it.
in THE world, women who are hurt are portrayed as mad and vengeful in feature films advertised with cross dressing grannies because justice in matters of love is simply too insane to contemplate! lovesick men, on the other hand, are often portrayed by handsome actors who just aren’t quite right for action or deep drama flicks {some jude law, adam sandler, ben stiller)

in my world, perspective is queen. you control your own mind and aim for looking at every way to move forward against impossible odds with the fundamental belief that to be able to love and forgive IS to perservere, and besides is the only way to survive and enjoy this little fragment of life. i even have fragment tattooed on my body to remind me of my place in the whole thing:


in THE world, people are in a constant state of manipulation and distrust in which to critique is to survive…even to win. (this i particularly don’t get – who are you beating with this knowledge that it’s all fucked up? and to think you have the answers? like what, boom god, in your face, this shit is wack? is you know a better way, just do it that way, strategize the outcomes and get to work…but anyway…)

in my world, i can do any dance i want to.
in THE world, as represented by the mirror in which i caught myself dancing today, i can NOT do the laffy taffy. and that’s just fine.

in my world, you just say what’s on your mind to the best of your abilities and handle what the truth feels like…unless you are in a situation with a heartbreaker who makes your tongue completely forget how to expel the words your brain and breath know they want to say.
in THE world, folks are constantly struggling with how to say something, anything, that will keep them from having to just name a thing. because then you have to hear it, and know the response, and be responsible for it.

in my world, when i see a wall, i start thinking about if it needs to come down, and if it does i start learning how to do that and pulling at it, bloody long-term work as it may be.
in THE world, too often, people come to a wall and drop their shoulders and walk away. oh don’t do that. soon there will be no where to turn but walls baby…

in my world, there have been no heros for some time that are older than like 8. there are brilliant people, and accomplished people, visionaries and talents and folks i truly admire for their spirit and courage. but i’ve met too many now to really keep pedestals up. the flaws and lessons are so much more intriguing to me than the medals, bells, whistles.
in THE world, i watch folks constantly either scrambling for the top of a rhetoric pile, or lauding others as the next great whatever it is…i often think that lauding only comes from our need to know we’re important by association.

in my world, my upstairs neighbor is a dashing and mysterious german architect.
in THE world, by the evidence i’ve compiled (the sounds of very rote quick sex and occasional arguments with a woman who just says ‘Say Something!’ in a central european accent) he’s just an unimaginative tall guy.

in my world, i am exhausted.
in THE world – i am going to bed.


in my world, that’s odd.
in THE world, i’m odd.