silly silly things

not much today but…

why is there marijuana flavored incense? someone help me to understand…isn’t the incense to cloak the stench of heaven? is it for posers? faux-heads? placebo effect for pain relief? what??

and did you know that ba-tampte means tasty? i saw a truck the other day with that written all over it – ba-tampte means tasty! i pay attention to things like tasty cause that’s fun to drop at a good time. you know, a line in the club: you want to come back to my place for a little ba-tampte?

one of my favorite places in the world is…the ihop on 135th street with all the black gay male waiters!! yummy, its one of the few good ihops in the world. (in the sense that all ihops are bad bad bad). there’s also this big white lady who gives the best service ever, think her name is bobby. place just makes me happy – they always have luther vandross or tina turner playing in the waiting area, old tapes.

heading to d.c. tomorrow through monday for the young people for… fellowship summit. fellows from campuses all across the country being put to work, now that’s what i am talking about! i get to see tanjila islam, my world traveling wildest friend ever, and khari mosley, sage homey from the pitt.

are you in new york tonight? come out to the freedom party at starfoods on 1st street – i’ll be the one swiveling in the back 🙂

and finally, dani has given me the perfect gift! a combination of beyonce and funny white boys dancing! WHAT??? yes! enjoy your weekend by starting it off right! http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=WVZmS88Q1iE

getting ready to go out music (other than check on it) is donnie’s the colored section. i so so so hope you know! kiss kiss.