dimepiecin’ in d.c.

just got hugged by the ultimate dimepiece malia lazu, a-shiver!

so first of all (though clearly second of all when you think about it, and maybe including third) – thanks karynn for the cheekbone love, and gavin, all i’m sayin is this ihop will put the chocolate chips onto the hot pancakes to melt with the butter. that’s good service!

and coming soon: my completely random list of the things i most love doing/eating/seeing/avoiding in ny.

but now:
a few thoughts on venus in retrograde, phone sex {parental warning: don’t look mom, no!}, this sick hotel suite i’m sitting in, one world youth project, my sister’s stunning face and a special goodnight!

venus in retrograde:
it is! and apparently that means old lovers come back into the sphere. whew, talk about it! asking for babies, dinner, leather bags and a second (or is that 43rd) chance. no babies, yes to dinner, i’ll buy you one if you buy me one first based on prior experience with going first in giving shit to you and…jury’s still out on chances. sample of deliberations:

jurist 1 (represented by witty but pessimistic altar ego juwanonadat): how many failures does it take to screw a fool?
jurist 5 (represented by shane jones): when is being objectified enough?
jurist 7 (represented by jen kidwell): hell naw!
jurist 9 (anonymous): ooh, tell me more. he did what? girl…at least wait a month befo’ you hit it again!
jurist 11 (represented by lovesick): y’all are so getting married.

verdict? we require more evidence. perhaps in the form of dinner and a quality poem.

phone sex:

how hard is it to focus on overanalysing blasts from the pasts when new kid on the block, who is so sexy he is getting a nickname (dr. turn-out) made me retract all pre-blog hateration on phone sex. my previous opinion: silly, wasteful, poor substitute, faux-hot, and generally a sign that its time to knock on mojo’s back door. evolved opinion: that voice, those memories, that state of drunkenness, and damn i am good. (whistle while you work, whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo-whooooooeeey!)

this sick hotel suite i am staying in:

this hotel suite i am staying in is SICK! dinings room, full kitchen, living room, bedroom with king-sized bed, walk-in closet, bathroom stocked with aveda rosemary mint products! in addition to other things, young people for… is for good digs! i’m at the summit for fellows surrounded by inspired young folks who are about to do some smart strategic campus organizing this year. if i can stop running between the two t.v.s and ordering french-inspired cuisine from room service i will give a great training on sustainability in activism. one thing to add to the training: occasional weekends in spots that are three times bigger than your busted but beloved apartment.

one world youth project:

i’m the featured guest for the one world youth project’s website this month, dope program to check out – match folks up for community work in different parts of the world. check it at www.oneworldyouthproject.org. just went up today.

my sister’s stunning face:

just had dinner with april, who has moved to d.c. for her ‘practicum’ to complete her communications masters from u.s.c. she got in yesterday and we got a nice long sister to sister dinner tonight. she is so happy these days, her life is literally stunning, so together and she is doing exactly what she wants. and it shows in every way, and while we were sitting at dinner i got to really look at her, the adult emerging from her face, and just was amazed by how stunning she is – lovely lips, teeth, gorgeous nose, those eyes, those eye brows, that hair. all aglow. and my sister autumn is just as stunning. sigh. at least i am smart. 🙂 (not digging, not digging!)

and a special goodnight!:

i have a gift for you – the peter pan link to the right. he has now put up original recordings. 🙂 sleep tight kiddies.