women presidents

geena davis won a golden globe for playing a woman president on t.v. on the same week as chile and liberia welcomed new women presidents into power. this is all reinforcing my recent education on the mayan calendar and how women are coming back into a space of leadership in the world. bout time, aight?

i was told i should write a column on sex and hotness for cosmo. NO. lol.

i had a miscommunication with someone and it’s just annoying me, cause i’m ready to move on but they still need to sulk. sigh. is saying it feels like time wasted is disrespectful?

i am singing today! that’s exciting…and ooh, the covert radical bloggers and viral online marketing parts of my brain are all flustered with anticipation!

check out biko’s post on www.indyvoter.org for a little mlk-day book review!

ooh! last night someone called to ask me for money. i felt bad saying no, but what everyone should realize about adrienne is that she lives paycheck to paycheck, hoping to meet a dope radical black science fiction writer sponsor someday and live off that. until then, no dough moves for the non-essential! but it was funny cause wendy williams had spoken earlier in the day about things to look out for when seeing new people, and this was the number one thing. not that i’m seeing anyone. i’m not. but, just sayin…

let me be quiet now. whew…

oh wait no no first i have to just say that shane jones is the best future therapist i know. last night we had another near professional level of mutual moments of a-ha carefully or laughingly guided by each other and i rarely enjoy conversations as much as i do with him 🙂

ok, now that is ALL!