ohhhhhh tony

this weekend is going so well. i must have done something good y’all.

started off at breakfast with dani, my chale chale sister in strength. it’s constant learning with her. then rolled up to the popular education conference at hunter’s school of social work. lots of lovely folks in the house – swati, bryan, arif, bacha-bach. i watched a documentary on the landless worker’s movement in brazil, mst. so inspiring. a series of compromises i feel are strategic for now have me currently in a work situation that isn’t a collective, which is hard for me because i so fundamentally believe collective work yields superior results. but this documentary gave me hope that time, perserverance and work can still lead us all out of our socialization.

then i went to the session on how popular education models work in the senior advisory board of state senator liz krueger, which was cool, these powerful older sisters talking about their ongoing civic engagement and what its like to have an elected official who actually listens. as the league evolves, candidate accountability models become more and more important, so i learned a lot.

i accidentally left my sudoku puzzle book at home and had to walk up to a bookstore and by two more. i love sudoku. i’m finally reveling in an addiction that won’t give me cancer!

then i got to walk across central park, the path that goes in front of the met and past the great lawn as the sun was setting, so gorgeous, blasting my trey songz ‘gotta make it’. my ipod right now is the perfect mix – jay-z, raekwon, gillian welch, bob dylan, mariah carey, mary j., song after song i love. met up with my sister, her man sam, and their friend nathan for some catfish and collards at spoonbread. in the middle of that, the hot little package kate rhee called to tell me she was going to see tony, our masseuse, so i called and booked the session right after hers.

now please understand that tony is a demi-god, with hands that are always warm and so strong and he knows exactly where it hurts and what to release. kate was sitting in the waiting room, and she said if she didn’t know it was a massage she would have thought i was getting turned OUT in there. the truth is, the tony touch is better than most sex. $35 for an HOUR of deep acupressure. i have all these special points – work stress sits just to the left of my spine midway down my back, heartbreaker has his own little area on the lower right side…touch it right and i still cry. tony touches everything right, takes you to the edge and brings you back. and the ills of the world take over my left shoulder and neck. tony takes it all away. afterwards i have to hug him. he makes me want to give Him a happy ending. he’s that good. may the good lord find it in her heart to give you a tony.

called my other sister april, who is doing her first night temping as a concierge as her second job…love that girl, she’s so no nonsense. she says if i write a sex column she probably won’t read it, but she still thinks its a good idea. i think so too, if this works out it will be so much fun!

one of my band of courting exes sent me his picture and he is looking
finer than ever. i have to say that when i look over the short list of
people who have actually made it all the way, their common denominator
is that they are fine and rocked it. i think i’ve mastered the fine art of taking lovers and keeping good relationships over a long time. and sometime in the next 10 years, i plan to get good at love 🙂 but for what i have mastered, i think i’ve earned the right to pontificate and do a sex advice column. god knows my isht is mmm-mmm good. i think i might…oh well let me finish the blog first.

so i’m home in time for mad tv and saturday night live and if they are less than hilarious i have more stargate to watch. and tomorrow i am going to call you adam, i promise. i love that you find hope in your dreams, i am about to start a new spiritual movement called perspectivism, centered on the truth i have found in setting your own perspective towards the light and racing your psyche to the finish line.

autumn is coming through tomorrow, and i have no other plans which happens so rarely and is so precious. wishing you all some aimless time before the weekend ends!