first and foremost, hi meighan davis, of the nj seiu and the league board! thank you so much for suggesting i do a sex column, looks like its going to happen at wiretap – sex and relationships for activists. for tranparency, it should be called the successful single activist…but maybe pleasure dome or pleasurevolution or something. ideas?

had a wonderful morning meeting with the campaign to end aids, getting back in touch with that aspect of my work and interest – they are soooo cool. www.aidsvote.org! and then had a long meeting and walk with heather box, part of the league’s new fundraising team. such a force of energy, such an exciting addition. i love when you meet someone who has a truly different life experience from you who gets it, gets why this work is all so important.

now…i am shamefully addicted to a song i know is a bad song, ‘love’, by sista keyshia cole. i hate when this happens, i listen to my ipod furtively in public…she straight mangles this vocal thing at the end, and the lyrics are corny and desperate. as a singer, it hurts me. and yet, i keep having to play it and get into it.

and i was going to discuss the word "stragedy", as used by jamie foxx in his single unpredictable, and how he should have a huge team to keep him from sounding that dumb, unless he was trying to be funny which he shouldn’t mix into the singing sexy songs with luda bringing it…i was going to, but i don’t even need to.

camron vs jay-z: TIRED
nas signing for jay-z: what’s next, peace in the middle east? i love when capitalism forces reconciliation, how could that happen more often?
beyonce boinking jay-z: appropriato!

i can’t write about anything deep today cause i am doing mad work to prep for our staff and board weekend starting tomorrow. lots to see and do! if you’re in ny this weekend i hope you come out to manjinga at sputnik friday night!