getting through the day

ah i had the best company tonight. clarity is flowing through me…

someone asked me a general question today, with a smile: how are you getting through the day?

i get through most days the same way, feeling what i feel somewhere deep inside and trying to go all up in the feeling and get to know myself.

i apply the four agreements fairly consistently:

don’t make assuptions
don’t take things personally
be impeccable with your word
always do your best

you have read this book the four agreements i hope – it posits that the world is simply your dream, and the way to keep balance in that dream, beyond understanding that you constantly determine the dream through your perspective (yes someone beat me to the perspectivist movement!), is to make these four agreements with yourself. in times of deep stress or joy or chaos or grief, i find that any or all four work very well.

i also have adopted one more in the past year of my life as my addition to not taking things personally, which is that generally when a violence is done against you, it is born from a violence done before you came along. it is hurt people who are able to hurt, it is damage that empowers the dangerous. when you recognize that, you can feel sad about the amount of damage out there, but you can also refuse to let it become your damage, you can draw the line around your heart even when it’s breaking, and reject it, or as my girl karynn says, forward the karma.

your challenge is to love, to make your love and heart and integrity even bigger, move closer to your core values, not further away. that is the deep truth of non-violent organizing. believe in the people and in the possibility of the heart and they will not fail you.

and so on i go, any given day, living it up.

i had an idea today…well many many. but this one that excites me more as i write this and feel the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome taking up a comfy home in my fingers, up my arms and into my shoulders (and please tell me if this exists! cause i want to own a set). the idea is a set of gloves that attach to your computer so that you don’t have to type on a keyboard, but can apply your fingers against any surface, your body, a desk, the wall…and you’d be typing. it would plug into the computer like headphones. the challenge of expressing the whole alphabet on only 10 fingers has been solved by the use of a phone key pad for texting, and is advanced by the word fundtion on phones where you type the letter combo and the computer assumes the word and you can correct if the wrong one pops up. this function would have to have a super wide constantly evolving vocabulary but…you could stand, sit, walk around, and be typing. y’all sittin on this in the pentagon? (i know by even typing that word someone there will see it – whoever you are, get me the gloves!!!) nasa? holla. ship them to my office.

one of the best songs to walk around ny to: just like a pill, by pink
one of the best gyros in the world: gyro II on 7th ave across from penn station. its all about the sauce!

and finally, a thought i have been having. trey songz has a new song out in which he basically says ‘i don’t wanna leave, but i gotta go right now, the streets is calling me." and while i really enjoy the song’s melodic composition, i can’t help but think each time that if that was my dude he wouldn’t be coming back. you’re trying to get some from your man and he’s like the streets is calling? well i hope the streets can do it better than this, cause the lock’s gwon be changed when ya get back. that’s just rude.

ah another night and i’m up at 3am. what do you do when your brain’s getting all cleared up? you think and write and think some more.