me and my backbone

i am becoming one with my backbone. it’s really quite a delightful bone! if you rely on it, when you’re heart is breaking it will prop you up.

today autumn was telling me some lessons from a class she’s taking that were perfect for now:

– the original sin was inauthenticity…when people gained their fear of being right, to be as god made them. inauthenticity creates deep insecurity, and to counter that lack of self, you have to have power over the other, to justify yourself. and that to conquer inauthenticity you must face everyone, every person, even those you consider the other (other interests, other foundation, other motivation, other values) with compassion and love. you have to see a real self in there, look into the authentic self. that’s the god in them.

– some thought from robert pollack about how the ability to learn, in humans, is constantly evolving. we are constantly incorporating new thoughts into our understanding. he also said the natural human tendency is towards cooperation, pooling resources and working together towards outcomes. we only turn to competition because we are living beyond our means…that we have over populated beyond our finite resources in terms of time, food, space. and we don’t have an instinct to slow down and provide, when we have too much we want more.

what my heart says when i am working for change too fast and without enough thought: slow down. there’s no way to put a blinder on the people and guide them to freedom like its a big surprise birthday party. you can’t use a globalization model for democracy…

hmmm, what else…i think my next article will be entitled: "the non-partisan industrial complex: can we afford our values?"

spending time with loved ones this weekend i thought and wrote down: heart born whole, life breaks it, the people who become pieces of your heart teach you that love is boundless and the whole is constant.

the state of the union was tonight. i find i can never watch it. at dinner with the ny local league, someone said commander in chief was on…and i just thought it was great that a tv show with a woman president was on at the same time as a tv show of the bumbling president, and more people probably watched her.

am off to denver tomorrow for the PR for Progressives Conference, the to Pittsburgh for some strategy session and then the Superbowl!! Gooooooo Steelers!! now do i even know what other team is playing? hell to the naw.

my motto this week: ‘stop acting like a bitch already, be a visionary.’ talib kweli