on superbowl weekend is nuts!! The Steelers have won the Superbowl and the city
is on fire, people are in the streets celebrating, everywhere I look its black
and gold and folks giving the high 5! I
fell in love with Pittsburgh in 2004, and spent the weekend training the super
sophisticated Pittsburgh League in organizational development, political
landscaping, base building and multi-racial organizing with Natasha, Khari and
Biko…everyone is moving onward and upward and we had the greatest talk last
night about shedding light, trust and how love is the ultimate force.

And then the Steelers became world champions!! And no one’s going to work, school is delayed, the streets look like a tornado rolled through, and it did – a tornado of crazy fans knocking over everything in their midst. All the streets near my hotel were shut down…the feeling in the city was crazy. Happy.

Another little moment of happiness:

(01:02:56) karynn: oh my god did you hear what charlie
rangel said?
(01:03:03) karynn: speaking of new yorkers?
(01:04:26) karynn: reporter asked rep rangel what he
thought of the President
(01:04:31) karynn: and he said
(01:04:51) karynn: "well, i really think he
shatters the myth of white supremacy once and for all."

It’s Monday morning, I have to leave the victory party later today and go home, but until then I’ma soak it in and let it rub off on y’all.

Here we go Steelers…