tarn gets my favorite reader of the day award for great answers to my questions!! i’m jealous of your implications! and to others who didn’t answer…hint, hint – they weren’t rhetorical.

i just spent several hours as a jury member for the media that matters film festival. how inspiring! there was such amazing work in there; real, beautiful stories and issues captured in these short films. i was most moved by those by young people, those on women – it’s amazing that something only 6 minutes long can move you tears. i rallied for the ones i loved and am really excited to see them all out in the world!

i had a thought today that the world would be more bearable if people thought of money like it was the sun: there to sustain us, but too much creates a cancer that will kill you. unfortunately this presupposes that people actually understand their power dynamic with the sun, which is definitely not the case.

in other news john legend won a grammy for ‘ordinary people’, which is such a brilliant song! john performed for one of our healing innovations shows way back in the day, and at the nina simone tribute concert, which is still one of my most cherished events i have ever been involved in. back then he was john stephens, but the voice was already legendary. i then got to see him and kanye in a show at the knitting factory before they blew up – i remember thinking that john was angelic and sly and seemed so young; and that kanye was exciting and so short and what was up with that little backpack and that i liked the earnestness of his work. onward and upward boys!

in other other news – great therapy session today. haven’t been since 2003, after a somewhat massive breakdown. it was good to be able to say i’m in a good place and have some real clear pieces of work. i think everyone could benefit from therapy! get some.

speaking of getting some…i had this nightmare that i hooked up with someone fabulous and we were later instant messaging about it and it turned out i was actually in an explicit conversation with the girlfriend i didn’t know existed – oh no wait, that actually happened!! like, tonight!! rule one of taking a new lover: ask if they might have a serious significant other who wouldn’t be cool with the lover-ness. my rather non-monogamous approach to life is such that i really interact with people as they present themselves and figure the rest falls in their area of responsibility. ugh! so not fresh.

but back to things that ARE fresh: soft toilet paper, long walks, good facilitation, letting go, thinking deeply, and sleeping a LOT.

off to do some outreach training in d.c. tomorrow, that insular, strange, pretty, short city i am so not feeling. but good people still need this info, so off i go.