i am so sick

i am so sick. i woke up today unable to get out of bed, finally kind of crawled shuffled to the bathroom, i can’t breath through my nose and my throat is like fiyah and my body hurts all over. i laid down to work from bed and ended up sleeping all day, that fitful feverish sleep, shivering and feeling very sorry for myself. why god why? why me!? ain’t i been good to you!! didn’t i take airborne before hanging out with my little homey?

did i need a day laid flat on my back in bed? yes. did i need it to be a feverish not breathing fit? not so much.

sigh. i have garlic cloves, i will go squish them and eat it. yeah. garlic. yum.

hero shane came thru with soup and theraflu and oj. before that i was having a samantha day – you know on SITC when she gets sick and has no one to really call like that? being sick is gross.

tomorrow i have to wake up at a completely unreasonable hour and leave for a three week trip and that seems unfair. chale why. i am packed, luckily. mostly. but i would like to spend a couple more hours feeling absolutely miserable and sorry for myself. tons of work not done.

i am watching chapelle show season 2 and laughing miserably. soon my body will demand i leave the warm bed again and i am just trying to think positive alliance building thoughts towards my bladder. its only doing what comes naturally since all i’ve had today are liquids. AAAARRRRGGHHH!!!

anyway, did you read my saul williams interview on wiretap yet? http://www.alternet.org/wiretap/32430/

i want my mommy.