eau de garlique

ok, i think if i could smell i would notice i am emanating eau de garlique but i do have to admit i feel better. thanks yemi!

i got out of my sleepless bed at 5 this morning, caught the subway to the train with my big new super rolly suitcase and my new wrap on, feeling cold but somehow like i could trick myself into feeling like an elegant traveler. do y’all ever have delusions of elegance?

on the subway i had some more chills and really needed to sneeze but realized i had no tissue so spent a long time making the face of someone not trying to sneeze – the anti-elegant! on the train i passed out  open mouthed and obstinately not wanting anyone to sit next to me, and that was nice. je suis une ass. last night i couldn’t sleep at all, not sure why, just kept running through all manner of things in my head, particularly the new sci-fi book i am developing. i pitched the initial concept to these publishing folks who have been asking me about a book and they said interesting, flesh it out, which is very exciting…its a nutty sort of idea, mixes real interviews and politics with a fictional parallel world and premise, sort of. it makes very happy to think about. hopefully oprah doesn’t find it proper to ever yell at me about this book…

now i am at the end of my first day at the new organizing institute learning to run campaigns. intense!

a ghost i had written off wrote back. my memory of his high quality verbal antics make me more than willing to be a bit  haunted. 

have i mentioned that on a scale of 1-10, someone who makes me giggle on the phone, by aim or email, always scores a 12? this is the way the heartbreaker has made it back to full friend status after all this time. and he’s really in the green this time, a stressless fun. ca-ra-zy!

and cali-seth i did not get you sick! i hope. gosh, that would be horrible…yet kind of awesome in terms of the transnational possibilities 🙂 speaking of which, i finally got my copy of the vanity fair tom ford’s hollywood issue. what a sheer delight. i love the sienna miller shot best of all i think. that’s the mode i’m gettin to…all kinds of transnational things happened to me perusing the spread. while it may not be reflected in my daily gear, i LOVE high fashion and perfect photographs. vanity fair is the only magazine right now i read cover to cover, its got all the contradictions i like, political critique with hollywood indulgence, pop art, they even tried to cover hip-hop! and high art which i only like at a distance, not when surrounded by ‘artists’, and grimy well written debate and the editor in chief is bordering on a gangsta deconstruction of the bush deuce era.

oh and jen sent me something a while ago that made me feel good inside, though i work very hard, but i think this captures the essence of what i do. i wanted to share it with you…i am a downshifter!


downshifter, n.

DRAFT ENTRY Dec. 2002   


orig. U.S.    Brit. /

{sm}da{shtu}n{smm}{sh}{shti}ft{schwa}/, U.S. /{sm}da{shtu}n{smm}{sh}{shti}ft{ope}r/, /{sm}da{shtu}n{smm}{sh}{shti}fd{ope}r/  [< DOWNSHIFT v. + -ER1.]   

    A person who adopts a less pressured and demanding career or lifestyle, esp. one who accepts a reduced income in pursuit of personal fulfilment.   

1990 U.S. News
& World Rep.

31 Dec. 84/2 In the 1980s there were fast-trackers. In 1991 they will
be ‘downshifters’, who reinvent success by shunning career-track jobs
with good promotion prospects for jobs that allow more flexible hours
and more time for family and community. 1995 J. B. SCHOR Overworked Amer. vi. 164 ‘Downshifters’{em}those who reject high-powered, demanding jobs in order to gain more control over their lives{em}may be the latest trendsetters. 1999 Independent 1 June (Open Eye Suppl.) 12/1 In extreme cases they become ‘downshifters’, distancing themselves from consumer society.

enjoy your weekend. i no get one 🙁 but i am feeling better! kisses