bush’s sex scandal

ok ok it’s not a sex scandal, it’s not bush and paris hilton and kid rock on tape. its so much worse.


last night i sat in this hotel with a crucial core of organizers all developing responses to the bush video release, including biko from the league/campaign against violence, ian and ying-sun from color of change, eli and zack and tom from moveon.org, renna from the bay and others. for a second it looked like we might get sort of a penultimate coordinated message with moveon and color of change and various hip-hop and organizing networks, but moveon had to do their own thing. different base i guess. but the rest of us got it together:


Sign up to Censure the President, step onto the path towards impeachment. I’m exhausted right now, was up until 4am trying to get stuff together – it takes an insane amount of phone calls and writing and reading and talking to get something coordinated but I cannot overemphasize how much more movement building comes from building campaigns and movements with as many people at the table, aware of the table, as possible.

Now I have to take a moment for my heart. Like I told Biko and Renna last night, I am not surprised. I don’t have it in me to be surprised anymore by what this government fails to say and do when it comes to protecting the lives of damn near anyone on the planet. But surprise and shock are different. Truth is often shocking, emotionally. It’s so much sadder, such a more deeply spiritual offense, to have seen the look on Bush’s face at that crucial moment, when acknowledging juxtaposed to the faces of people in New Orleans that we all saw on television, that I saw when I visited. Grandmothers were left to crawl up to their attics. Prisoners were left locked up to die by guards who knew them, who built with them daily. Chaos. People were evacuated by emergency workers into the Superdome, which they knew might be a deathtrap. And then days passed, Bush vacation days, empty days.

It’s unforgivable.

The Hip-hop community is coming together, make sure you actually sign this one.


Much love y’all…