whew. quickie here:

1. i wrote a really long post the other night about how when people ask me do i really think the president can be impeached off of this video it makes me cringe. the larger strategy, which is to show the american people how completely dysfunctional and inhumane this govt is outside of any partisan affiliation, and engage people in the struggle for their own local freedom and self-determination, demand a govt that provides, (not provokes and then abandons)…and so on went my thoughts. i may edit and post it somewhere. but in general, i don’t stay up nights calling and emailing and writing for the fun of it. yes i think sharing that video and what it means with people will help towards change on every issue at every level.

2. last night when my sis and i got home from her early birthday dinner i somehow dropped my wallet on the street and didn’t find it till this morning! it was fully intact. i need even more sleep, though i finally got a full night last night…

3. in trying to rerecord my voicemail message today i heard a whitney houston song on the car radio so i recorded my piece, then held the phone up to the speaker right during the ‘don’t you wanna dance, say you wanna dance’ part and rocked out. till april told me that was actually the heater. chale why!

4. running to hop on a plane to cali tonight, hope to sleep the whole way, then see naina and jessamyn and others – bay folk – holla if you can chill tomorrow! i spent the last two nights at my surrogate grandparents house using their bathtub to sit in steaming hot water and release, you know you want these relaxed hugs.

5. spent yesterday at the progressive dialogue – multigenerational, multi-racial, multi everything group. it was a bit exhausting. sometimes folks just need to fight i think, so they can release whatever tension they have and keep it moving. but a great idea came out of the reverend hagler, so fingers crossed we get more coordination on the left. we will see. i was also excited by how willing leaders of the hip-hop community were this past week to come together and respond to the videos and represent for our folks in the gulf.

visions and visions. peace