all is full of love

oh how is everyone?

i’m boarding a plane to head home after three weeks on the road. what a wonderful journey. i am actually coming home invigorated, excited. that’s such a nice difference. perhaps because love is the air – at least according to rob brezny who has a strange way of really getting it with me much of the time. i kind of hope its mostly agape…but i’ll stay open, as always…

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22): The ancient Greeks had words for love that transcend our usual notions, writes Lindsay Swope in her review of Richard Idemon’s book Through the Looking Glass. Epithemia is the basic need to touch and be touched. Our closest approximation is "horniness," though epithemia is not so much a sexual feeling as a sensual one. Philia is friendship. It includes the need to admire and respect your friends as a reflection of yourself—like in high school, when you wanted to hang out with the cool kids because that meant you were cool too. Eros isn’t sexual in the way we usually think, but is more about the emotional gratification that comes from merging souls. Agape is a mature, utterly free expression of love that has no possessiveness. It means wanting the best for another person even if it doesn’t advance one’s self-interest. The phase you’re currently in, Virgo, is providing you with opportunities to explore the frontiers of at least three of these kinds of love.