my roots

ah – periods of great transformation are upon us. or at least me! hee hee…

i just got back from my first class at the gym. it said strength and alignment on the flyer but when i got there the little lady was like – ‘its body sculpting, come on in!’

56 excruciating minutes later we reached cool down. i don’t know if my body likes me right now. i learned that my giggle instinct – which rears its silly head at inopportune moments like when i’m afraid, grieving or having an orgasm – also feels perfectly fine coming out in the gym.
teacher: ‘squeeze those glutes!’
amb: ‘hee hee.’
amb’s glutes: ain’t shit funny here.


i joined military families speak out against the war! www.mfso.org. my dad is active duty, we’re a military family, so i am eligible. my homegirl dinica sent this video which features a speech from reverend hagler, who i met a couple weeks ago: http://wewillnotbesilenced.cf.huffingtonpost.com/ – powerful words. check it out.

reverend hagler’s idea, when i met him, was around how all these anti-war and various social justice groups need to start to take real political action, move into coalitions that can act. you know – i think a lot of us are moving in this direction. the current model of non-profits is a set-up, we’re silenced when we most need to speak specifically. more details on that to come.

my roots are anti-war, because they are all entertwined with the military. feels good to go home to that…

ok i just ate baked eggs and yogurt! what is going on!!