back in the mission

ah. so i am back in san francisco, in the mission, in a little cafe catching up on life and the world.

my friend is about to start a whole blog on how women should have a "keep away" box to bust out in case of flirtation emergencies (which i am about to make you all go post on), but first i have to tell you the funny story that got it happening.

so – the other night i was blazing with some male friends and after everyone left i went to the bathroom and something unimaginably off-limits from my feminine care collection was laying out on the counter. i don’t know how it got on the counter, but there it was. it’s in the category of game stopper. which was fine for that night’s company, but those friends are boys with this other dude who has the kind of game i would never want to stop, and unfortunately i am almost positive he heard of this feminine care shit. sigh. mortification!

then there’s no way to say anything…i brainstormed openers:

"hey, any idea how my Mortifying Girl Stuff ended up on the counter since i know i didn’t put it there?"


"hey, did you by any chance hear i had Mortifying Girl Stuff? cause like all girls use that."

anyway, what the whole mortifying experience really elucidated to me was that i think i might be having the first inklings of my first real legitimate post-heartbreaker crush. cause otherwise, i wouldn’t have really cared or even been mortified, since very little in the realm of feminine care embarrasses me any more.

but my homey said it would actually be great to have a whole ‘keep away’ box to pull out in case of emergencies where crisis game stopping is needed. we started brainstorming stuff and the list was pretty hilarious. i will let you know when you can share your suggestions…

regarding the new possible actual crush (i have to make this distinction because i roll thru the world with such a huge number of momentary crushes), it’s just gonna get filed in the ‘cool boys in the world’ box in the back of my brain cause i am in a committed relationship right now, with my ass. getting my ass totally happy and healthy is my numero uno priority at the moment.

i miss my trainer, but i went all out with my hotel workouts this weekend, and my homey seth says he can get me into a gym nearby while i’m in cali, so the lovefest continues!

people are starting to hear that i am leaving the league and write me really sweet shocked sad emails. everyone wants a dramatic story. here goes: no mo drama! i want the next phase of my life to be about love and light, however corny that sounds. i don’t want to be talking about anyone, i just want to live and work and play and smile and think.

i had a dream the other night where i taught myself to fly. i was in a little room, and the first part was just getting off the ground – when i could do that it was easy to push up a little higher, get speed, hover just off the ground, go quite fast. but it was total peter pannish – i could fly in direct relation to a deep feeling of love and peace. happy thought 🙂 the soundtrack was – love lifts me up where i belong.

word. peace…