lambs on ice

it snowed today, and then it was all – balmy. march had no real lion moments that i recall, wen out like a punk, and now april is all lamblike but…we might have to put the environment on meds. this AIN’T RIGHT!!

today i went to the baths and then to therapy – then i had to take a nap. today ny looked a bit grimy and gray to me, a bit overwhelming. i can’t stop smiling in life right now, but ny sometimes acts like it might sully your shine. i am happy that summer is coming.

i am looking around my house mentally preparing for the spring/summer cleaning that is coming. i want to get rid of things right now. books that i liked and will never read again, knick knacks i only partially like, collages i made when i was a little depressed. hats that are only cute in theory. postcards of places that no longer conjure calm for me, just remind me i am long overdue for a real vacation.

the only things i have i want to keep all of are musical instruments, my cds, my extensive collection of sex toys, my collection of soaps and delightfully smelly things, and some of my clothes. oh and my rainbow collection of jersey sheets. they just feel better.

anyway – i just put half my shoes in a bag, and next is going to bags of other stuff that i can give to goodwill. i highly encourage anyone and everyone to do this 4 times a year. it makes whatever is in your home much more manageable.

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