amazed and amused

some things that never fail to amuse me:

1. me!

yesterday i went to the russian baths and in a freak accident this other chick broke the glass container holding my favorite sea jelly from carol’s daughter – which, to be honest, is the only thing from there i like. (cd is a block away from my ft geene studio, so i go in there and then feel everything is too expensive and smells kind of similar. the anita baker of personal care products, you know? is it anti-black to even utter these words? am i uttering them by writing them? but i love the awesome sea jelly, which feels like perfumed vaseline! mmmm!) so it breaks and me being me, i am going to try to use the rest of the jelly. i put a lot in my hair, and later rubbed it, glass and all, into my skin. on the walk home i had to repeatedly reach down into my pants to pull a sliver of glass out of my thigh or buttocks. HOT!

today, the jelly is still in my hair after two washes. here’s a limited edition pic of me with jellyhead and a clay mask on (top 10 reasons working from home is awesome: i. can. wear. a. clay. mask. and. nothing. else. atall!)


2. the power of capitalism. there is now an ad in my blog (see below). i can’t figure out how to get it out without paying some money to friendster, which defeats the whole purpose of me starting my blog on here, which was to have it be free and thus indicate that i am not invested in my self-absorption. also, if you pay then there are stats and you have to see how few people are actually reading. ugh! the conundrums!

some things that never fail to amaze me:

1. my landlord! today she wants to look at the chimney and may need to see my ‘fireplace’. my fireplace is a tender place that is bricked up and covered with a precarious gate that falls into four pieces when touched the wrong way (much like me!), all tucked behind a plethora of books and my gorgeous coffee table and pillows (also much like me!). when i got the message i glared, thinking of the work i was going to have to do to let them see this dead fireplace. now i am sitting here glaring through the door as the landlady and chimney sweep systematically go thru the other apartments. more passive than aggressive, i do not plan to comply with this unnecessary viewing.

2. the connection between how productive i am and how many orgasms i have in a day. if it was quantified i think it would be a one to one ratio. i think i have struck upon something! (top two reasons working from home is often: unlimited. breaks.)

some other things i just want to draw your attention to:

www.thebreastcancersite.com, thehungersite.com – i just love going and clicking those…

Lake Champlain chocolate – Raspberry Truffles! Might be the best tasting thing ever.

and then – do you ever get the sense the news you are watching is bullshit? IT IS – check it:

Read the report here:

And then tell the Federal Communications Commission that fake news must stop, by clicking here:

 that's all today sweeties...

y'all BETTER be at bryant and anna's book release tonight, 6:30, Coliseum Books.