so sleepy

checking in before i pass out completely.
am in new orleans, doing a follow up strategy session. there’s not much to think about here, you have to just sort of plow forth with what’s in front of you. anytime the discussion goes wider, a feeling of hopelessness starts to creep in.
had tasty tapas tonight, and this conversation in which this woman who is also staying here was making the case that it was no easier for wealthy people to break free from their experience than for anyone else, and to have empathy for that experience. i was making the case that resources make it easier to have a variety of experiences, and that i have empathy to a point and then i get impatient at the impact wealthy peoples’ learning experiences have on others.

i think it was the first time in a long time i’ve had anyone encourage me to have more empathy. generally i think i am a sucker for that shit…

i might have had more patience for the conversation, but i feel like of late the impact that wealthy peoples’ guilt and learning curves have had all around me has been glaring and upsetting. i have perhaps plenty of empathy, but just no room at the inn right now…and am glad there are others, others from similar experience who know what that whole breaking free of the burden of privilege and figuring out how to give back, they know what that’s like.

there’s a very cool cat here, which makes sense to be the cat that found shana and abram, who never fail to set new standards for natural cool. i am allergic to cats, but can’t seem to send this one away.

i am getting to spend a bit of time with lee, a co-worker at the league who is quite remarkable. i like when that happens, unlikely time to build…

and now, to build with the bed!