hating macromedia flash

first i have to air a deep concern:

every time i come here to blog there are dancing ducks, clowns or flies making horrible noises, or advertisements that won’t stay within their borders or go away. my initial dislike has advanced into the hatred zone. i removed the program from my comupter. i can seem to remove the advertisement that now shows up right under my first listed post on here, often showing legs that are clearly not mine. this is MY blog. i only want images i approve on here!! so i am thinking when i move to cali i may upgrade to a different blog service as well! suggestions?

in other rather BIG news, today i emailed one of my favorite funny bloggers, michelle collins!  i emailed her about a post of hers and she added my email to the post! what racks my nerves now is…did i email her a correct correction or was i just a giddy kneejerk fan?

today my mom and i kicked it all day, which meant we went to target, then she grabbed a tea while i was in therapy with my stunning therapist, who is also my sister’s therapist. i feel like i am doing pretty good these days, but its still kind of great to kick it with her. then my mom and i had a lazy afternoon, before being late to dinner at spoonbread TOO…catfish mmm mm mmm!

i just had an hour of me time – time when i write letters of love to myself and then sing love songs to myself and then dance and dip me and then pledge to be true. or at least play with myself.

scrabble that is.
super awesome scrabble.

so i am blogging in a super satisfied peaceful zoned out state. let’s just say i bested myself with an awesome word that used every letter i know…

in a discussion about my move to cali recently, a dear friend said she didn’t know how i could ever live in this little studio anyway. i smiled politely but inside i thought: er…negatory!

the secret is, other than the sharing of the bathroom and the less than total kitchen, this is my dream home. tiny, simple, clear where everything belongs. i love the idea of living in a sparse room somewhere, mattress on the floor and few belongings and close to good food and park and public transportation. its the ideal city dwelling for a wannabe minimalist. i am going to cherish every hour left in this room!

now i am watching the beat my heart skipped, which was given high praise from friends, none of whom informed me that it was subtitled and FRENCH! so hard to blog and read subtitles, plus its reminding me i should have never stopped plaring piano.

i almost wish i knew french.

i have (had) a grand plan to secretly learn french and unveil it to my parents. this was going to be an anniversary present but…its hard out there for a…language challenged. their anniversary was april 1st.

si si si that april 1st.

cinco de mayo is coming and i hope you are all taking it off! but before that if you’re in ny this saturday come through the major mobilization against the war…you know how i feel about marches in general, but festivals of artists against war i basically adore, they beckon the baez/dylanite in my very soul. i’ll be mcing and performing from 2-4 on foley square.

my rocky mountain bloody nose is gone! woo hoo!!