go spurs

Just watched the lakers get shut down by the spurs, how wonderful!! You learn so much about teamwork watching this stuff…steve holding the team together while kobe tries to blaze out on his own and call his team inexperienced and young. Steve never saysthe word I after the game, always we – he has mad assists and those make the difference in the playoffs, in anything. Perfect for the direction I’m moving in 🙂

Watched it with my dad and sisters and we were all hooked. Family time, I know it is my great privilege. We got mad love.

In terms of my search for my roots, the whole family is on the case. We’ve got scottish, irish, lots of german in a surprise twist (I grew up there on army bases in budingen, mannheim and bamberg) on my mom’s side. We have our own tartan and crest! My sistergot her aura read and they said we have moroccan royal blood. We have a family reunion coming up end of june for the South Carolina Browns and I think I have to go and see. We’re open to DNA testing as well. Am I geeked? Oh yes…

Now here I am, no computer 4 three days, by a lake where there’s crickets and frogs, with my beloved family.

Smile on it!