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This morning folks traveled from all over the country dor my uncle wimp’s breakfast! He makes these amazing little round perfectly sliced potatoes and grits that are half butter. Deep south.

Then spent the day makin’ jokes and talkin politics with my dad’s family, and I found a family tree that traces back three generations of Browns.

Talking about immigration again today, lots raised voices and laughter and we came to a good conclusion on it. Don’t punish people, trace the issue to the top. A living wage, sensible foreign policy and taxing corporations that try to slip under the radar with unfair hiring practices.

Tomorow I’m off to a climate activism meeting in d.c. Hopefully I’ll get to see my sister’s new apartment.

The plan to get to california is shaping up…my dad is puahing me to buy a home their, invest. It sounds smart, but buy a home with what? I don’t know that I trust I can get with no money…then again, rent feels like throwing money away.

Everywhere I drive in Columbia there’s my Uncle Joe E Brown’s face, he’s running for reelection as state rep. And they all ask me when am I going to run for office. Never!

My new favorite basketball player wears a weird plastic mask on his pretty face…odd. Delightful. Ciao!