shalom in the home

Thoughts inspired by talks with my family:

Is this the end of emergencies – no one pays insurance out on er visits. My aunt says she can’t take her kid to the e.r. anymore.

Gas prices…the end of upgrading. Have you ever used 89 or anything higher in your car? Why??

Re: Iraq…why create wars to tear things down just to build them up? Creating conflict, then creating commerce. Nothing can be real.

My very own thoughts:

Only ticketed passengers can indulge a disgusting mcd’s craving in the d.c. airport. Not that I wanted to, just saying!

Whenever it rains I walk around with nina simone’s ‘I think its gonna rain today’ in my head…does that happen to you?

Favorite show: shalom in the home! On TLC! Go traveling yarmulke-coated compassion and family coaching!

Where am I? Er…d.c.

For how long? Er…we’ll see!

Author: Adrienne

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Your uprising against the forces of darkness has got to do more than say "no." A fierce, primal yes should be at the heart of your crusade. (rob brezny, long ago)

3 thoughts on “shalom in the home”

  1. you know, I can’t read your blog, since there’s this floating add covering up your words! Since when have they decided it’s cool to commericialize blogs in this dumb way??? 🙁 So now I”m going to behind in your blogs, always by one post…

  2. No one pays insurance out on ER visits — a sad result of our messed up health care system, makes no sense at all.

    yes, i use 89 and 91 in my car, my car needs it (it ain’t super duper but it’s got a ‘high compression’ engine which a lot of cars have, which require higher octane, greater molecules or something of gas per cylinder push or something) hehe. Also, 89 and 91 burn CLEANER so some folks use it for that reason. ok that’s where my knowledge ends on this stuff.

    YES! I ALSO hear that Nina Simone song in my head when it rains! (in addition to the VERY bad-ass jungle track “rain” by DJs Zinc and Pascal… “it’s gwan rain gwan rain gwan rain gwan rain….” oh you’d have to hear it to get the full effect :>

  3. Oops. correction. I didn’t mean to say no one pays insurance out on ER visits — it’s just that a lot of the visit isn’t covered by insurance, which really makes no sense. which is why clinics like andru’s ( are so cool, save people an ER visit and a ton of bucks.

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