questions I have been asked this week

– do you know where I can find a kitchen for a television shoot of me cooking?

– can you help me find a home for my cat for two months?

– can you help me find a place to stay in atlanta for me and two friends starting tomorrow?

– I need the best possible position to spring on this dude tonight to make him stay with me!

– um, the funder just withdrew 100k from our program, can you make him change his mind?

– who is the best person you know to train on: (list of 6 completely different topics)?

– why are you coming to canada?

– can you blast this email to your whole list (12 different times, 12 different people)?

– when are you leaving for california? (Too many to count…does that make the question priceless?)

– do you hate everything your family stands for?

– what are the biggest challenges to your work?

– has anyone ever told you you think like this dude saul alinsky?

– how do I deal with always being made a leader, even if i don’t want to?

– can you cut my hair and not give me a mullet?

– can I have your coffee table? (4 times, its taken)

– can you send me the curriculum for: (7 different ones)

– can you come out to (6 conferences, 19 lunch or dinners)

– do you ever say no?

– can I call you my luscious pussycat?

– do you think he was trying to get revenge?

– why do I keep getting mass emails from you when you asked me to stay out of your life?

– if you need a vacation so bad, why not just take one?

– is ruckus still a white organization with you there?

– can you help me convince black folks its ok to get arrested for a cause?

– that flash is good, but why the foul language? And is it homophobic?

– are you avoiding me? (6 friends…yes, no, maybe, I dunno)

– how do you keep track of what you do?

– do you know you’re beautiful and there is nothing wrong with you?

– when you gonna gimme some?

– since when are you celibate…do you even know what that means?

– can you bring me the stargate dvds?

– did you know —- did {insert totally racist classist thing} last week?

– do you believe voting can change communties?

– do you think the black bougie class is purposely disempowering the hip-hop generation?

– can you speak on enviro-racism, and is mother earth black?

– can you get a piece on fat activism in this week?

– can you blog about (4 things) today?

– you are funny, so why isn’t your blog funny?

– what’s that green thing in the middle of your blog?

– how many times do you come a week? A day? Why you actin all like a prude?

– did you drink to the point of getting hung over?

– are you really giving all your stuff away?

– do you think this group/person has what it takes to be great (3 different groups/people)?

– have you ever blogged about all the questions people ask you?