a million thanks

ok i can tell this is going to be the journey of a million thank yous. moving shows you something about the people in your circle, are they the typr who will not offer to help, or offer but not come through, or not offer but be there till 4 am in the morning? nothing wrong with any kind, it just shows you something…

so already, due to the combined blessing of my sister autumn and my near-sister sofia, with the boy-help of rabbi darkside from parkside avenue and shane, my house went from full to empty, and the rental van i am going to drive across country went from empty to so tight that all metaphors i can think of for squeezing anything else into it are nasty.

speaking of nasty, MICE were ALL OVER my place. DEAD ones.


now. here are some of the utterances from the moving night, in order of how many times they were spoken aloud:

1. do you have the keys?
2. OH MY GOD THERE IS A MOUSE MASSACRE BEHIND THE KITCHEN COUNTER!! OH MY GOD THAT IS SO GROSS!!!! (followed by the physical imitation of hurling)
(note to many who know me: yes, these must be the mice i thought i had gained a peaceful non-cohabiting relationship with by speaking to them. apparently when i thought we were negotiating their retreat and subsequent absence, they were back there dying or dead. it is very upsetting and gross. they also ate my after 8:30 chocolate mint massage bar. which is gross cause of course i keep things like that by the bed.)(this points to how much time i was not in the house, since i heard and smelled none of this.)
3. do you think the plethora of decomposing mice in the house is why i have been so sick every time i have been in here?
4. ok guys i think we’re almost done!
5. adrienne, let it go.
6. wait – guys? where is the rent check i finally got my landlady to give me?
(this caused a three hr slow down in packing because then no piece of paper could be thrown away until i found the check in a safe place) but i found it and cashed that biyatch and now my shady landlady has no hold over me!!!

sigh. i am the type to try to hold it down but eventually get a bit apoplectic or – as my dear friends say – speedy cracky. i repeat myself and walk in circles and break out in hives. especially when people have illogical reactions to my things…we distributed my belongings all up and down st. felix and people got mad at us, even though we were dumping it at 3 am and trash was picked up at 7. but you know what? my therapist says i am lovable, and it’s all about the love so FUCK those haters :).

so now, thanks to my sister april, who i am dc now picking up, i have a companion all the way to denver. what a blessing! she is a good, bossy, capable companion, perfect for this type of journey. you know my crazy ass does not need to be alone in a car for five days!! we’re going to push hard to hit denver in two days, and then on sunday as is appropriate i will rest a bit and have a smaller drive day alone, then the last day bang it towards the sun.

i will need company. on sunday or monday please call me and be my co-driver for a while.

ok i need to go shower before april gets here and realizes i was blogging instead of packing, but i just have to say, I AM ON MY WAY!!! i am sooo excited 🙂