thoughts from the Road, pt 1

A random asssortment in no order:

– hearing whitney on this trip, it just strikes me again what a tragedy her great love story is, and what a perfect example she is of why harm reduction (www.harmreduction.org) is so needed. There are so many talented people out there raging against massive pain and feeling only judgement where the road to healing could begin. Its getting sadder every day. Lift a hope for young Whitney.

– here in the wide midwest, my main recurring thought is that we should wall off the sides of the highways and create green bridges for animals so they aren’t killed trying to get somewhere. Its not right, how we pave it all over, how we make it unclear that they should stay away from here. Our ability to reason is pointless if we’re heartless, and these poor little deer and raccoons and squirrels and other unrecognizble messes are each a little unnecessary death. And yes, I still want a hamburger next time we stop so just let me have my peta heart moment ok!

– we bought the dixie chicks cd to support free speech. April loves country and I love people who criticize bush’s medieval foreign policy. Not ready to back down is great, a nice big standing up tall of a song.

– we had our first mariah moment and I nearly lost my voice.

– april won’t let me smoke in the car. She doesn’t think I need to mention this. I think all smokers will understand this predicament!

– we’re having great talks and missing my parents and baby sister autumn.

– in case anyone wants an update, I still haven’t heard from my grandmother, who cut me off after I accidentally sent her the not your soldier flash (www.notyoursoldier.org/sns).

– last night we rolled into cincinnati where gavin leonard had left a perfect situation: garage, two rooms, clean sheets and towels, hot tub ready to go, fridge stocked with cold beer and we caught the end of lara croft! I love angelina, and I love finding myself in the skins with some beautiful nati women in a hot tub! Got to see dani chale in her hometown, and also my dear ohio woman who is doing well, which is what I always hope for her. Listening to dani and them talk about nati’s scene, I love that mix of pride and scorn about a hometown.

– now we’re bound for denver, where april has a flight and I have hotel till noon tomorrow. Its really hard to sleep knowing everything I have in this world is sitting vulnerable like this. But the welcome that is being sent to me from the west is making it easy to let the miles flow out behind me. The deep freedom I feel on this ride is unlike anything else I’ve known. I highly recommend throwing then to the wind for some now and could be.