love and happiness

Ah man…I was going to write this whole long thing about the Ruckus 10th Bday party and how magical it was, but Ibrahim beat me to it: rude_write.blogs.com (or see brooklyn bedouin in my blogs list). I am still floating, I could have danced all night, and so on. All these surprise folk showed up – Sofia all the way from NY, josie, ying-sun, trina, everytime I looked up it was a joyful shock.

I spent yesterday running all over the place with sofia and autumn who were both in town for other stuff, but blew it off just long enough to kick it allll day with me!

Small pet peeve: when you think you have a new comment on myspace but its actually someone advertising something. You get all excited (especially if ur trained in friendster testimonials) and then its not love. Love and branding.

Other small pet peeve: parents who put squeaky shoes on their kid at the airport at 5am. Its really remarkably uncool and the kid is adorable, but nonstop running around and squeaky shoes is just wrong!

I am in an airport waiting for a layover to Ottawa and I didn’t pack my computer charger for the first time in forever. Doh!

But whatever, so far I heart the california experience, and I am in a charmed, blessed moment of life. Have a lovely weekend!