all over

in the last week i have been in california, canada, ny and now dc. a bit much eh? i got to attend my platonic ex-husband’s wedding, a beautiful thing, even with the dear drunken best man peeing off the roof and screaming that the groom was a dragonslayer (the grannies in the house appreciated that). now i am in dc with a bunch of politicians and politickers and those who hold politician’s feet to the fire at the Take Back America conference. the most exciting thing to me is that we found out that the Not Your Soldier flash won the Jury Prize on Huffingtonpost.com – YAY!! so we’re showing it to folks and trying to build an integrated campaign to Separate Oil and State and keep America’s oil dependence from leading us to war, to illness, to violence, to destroying what little sacred space we have left.
We’re also signing people up for the two big Ruckus camps this summer – Freedom From Oil and Not Your Soldier (www.ruckus.org) so folks learn the skills to bring serious tactics into the game.
Folks are responding amazingly well, and the important shout out is to Anasa Troutman and Malia Lazu for their work with the Racial Justice Campaign to make sure young people of color and young candidates of color are in the house when Democrats are setting their agendas.
So its a nutty schedule, gonna grab some downtime with April tonight. My eye started twitching three days ago and I couldn’t figure out why, then got an email that April hurt her eye while running! Connections baby.
Other great news is that the National Hip-Hop Political Convention, with the loving facilitation of Ibrahim Abdul Matin, is set to be a remarkable gathering, so make sure you all take advantage of all the opportunities to opt in to deep community building this summer.
Gotta RUN (of course 🙂
love yall!