creepin’ in ny

ok so i am back in ny, again, yes. YES. i love it here!

am learning all about ruckus TV…yes we will have ruckus tv! its all such cutting edge technology that the main thing out of my mouth is ‘wow, thats cool’. one of the key things i’m trying to identify is various youth communities on the frontline of climate change – climate refugees whose natural landscape has shifted so drastically that they cannot maintain their ways of life – in the arctic north, on the gulf coast, in the dry center of india. help me if you know such communities!

so i came back from take back america, but the meeting i was supposed to have that night fell through so john and i headed to the baths and let me tell you. there’s this one older guy who works there, handsome, russian, friendly – he’s going to school. we always talk when i come but i never got worked by him before and i stopped getting massages there cause some of the masseuses are too um…too happy to be massaging, you know? but last night he was like just let me and i was like ok, and wow – 18 years of experience DOES mean something in the end. afterwards he said that was only my first try! i am going to call him Rush, because in the western tradition all good things deserve a name.

between fundraising meetings and the baths i have been catching the exciting parts of the world cup, which to me is better than the olympics because everyone is playing the same game so there’s a focus to it, and because the coverage isn’t all u.s.-centered. and of course i can’t help but cheer for the global south in any representation: angola! ivory coast! argentina! brazil! etc!

now i have crept into ny and am sort of slinking about as a visitor trying to lay low. if you see me walkin down the street? it wasn’t me – my sole purpose in town is to sleep as much as possible! happy 30th birthday to felice belle and sending much love to the southeast social forum crew – manju et al!

if you’re in atlanta tonight go see the not your soldier tour featuring the coup! i am running late to somewhere to meet with someone important – hush, don’t tell!