erectile dysfunction

this morning’s game with ghana and brazil was a bit like watching large scale multi-member erectile dysfunction. it hurt. it was like, i know its not my fault but are you trying to hurt me? are you teasing? why do you keep coming right up to the edge and then FLOP, NADA, NOTHING, WHY WHY WHY??!!!??!

brazil’s sloppy grace and arrogant post-game shirtlessness really drove home the point that they are not in solidarity with the global south. scoring in the first 4 minutes shows no respect for your opponent.

in other news – i went up the mountain and went deep inside myself and came back raring to lead. and raise money! i never thought that would be such a fun challenge, securing resources – but then again i love the programs and have total and absolute faith in the staff. raising money for ruckus is like cheering for..a winning team! and i want everyone i meet on that team.

speaking of – if all the people who read my blog became monthly members of ruckus it would make sure that we could offer scholarships to ALL the impacted youth who have applied to learn non-violent direct action at our camp! www.ruckus.org – go to SUPPORT US! i’ve never asked you for anything!

in other news – there is no other news. there’s soccer and fundraising.