thank you

wow – more of you gave than i expected! and more of you should give. this raising of money is fun!

ok. in other news – this morning the host of my yert home caught someone walking out of the backyard with a bike. they got stopped, but this is encouraging me to move out of the yert sooner than later.

im about to watch syriana. everyone says its depressing. its three men i adore on the cover. yes. adore!

y’all i know i am supposed to be reflective but i am actually feeling all at peace and in power and just working hard and not a lot to say in terms of navel gazing, or excuses. or complaining. or telling stories even. hmmmm. why don’t you all tell me some stories? post something, anything interesting that has happened in your world. post as if you are writing for a new yorker far from home who wants to hear about brooklyn, or someone in a new job who wants to hear funny work things. and such. and such. tell tell tell!