back in effect

i just lost this whole blog. it had a long love note to seth. seth is the reason people can see my blog again, after a few days of your righteous discontent that it was missing. apparently anger is the highest form of flattery among my readers. anyway, the blog was an ode to his beauty, intelligence and speed. soon i will have a whole new blog with new design and everything cause of him and radical designs!

the blog also said i was back in effect because i accidentally quit smoking, and because i moved into my house and unpacked and slept surrounded by my beloved things and slept quite well in my newly christened home base.

and i was back in effect because jessica norwood came through last night and it was super exciting to see her. i haven’t seen her in over a year since she stopped working at the league. we went through what richard pryor’s mudbone character would call ‘hard times’ together at the League – growing pains. it was good to sit back and laugh about it now. she’s thriving in mobile, running a water business and helping her community through hurricane recovery.

i mentioned how nice it was to not be vomiting anymore, how humiliating it is when your body reverses your favorite practice – eating. any lack of bodily function is a struggle, seems unfair. i heard from a dear friend today who is facing a much more serious bodily challenge, a total betrayal of gifts and blessings such that we cannot understand, and all i can do is pray pray pray.

i wrote about other stuff – the pretty dress i am wearing today, the fact that i am about to go camping and as a non-camper i am nervous, all this stuff.

i just don’t have time and energy to rewrite it all! there’s work to do.

i leave first thing tomorrow morning for a banger of a trip – chicago, milwaukee, back to chicago to indiana, out to dc for one night and back to indiana, back up to chicago and finally home. i’ll be at the midwest social forum, then the freedom from oil camp, campus progress, and then the ruckus birthday camp and finally the hip-hop convention. i’ll see a lot of loved ones, and learn some new things. i will see dani chale ho, and my sister april, and barack obama, and meet a lot more of the ruckus family. we’re gearing back up into the ‘it’s all happening’ mode. i love the midwest in the summer.

will write when i can!