rain sucks

freedom from oil camp is finished – no more training!! the camp was a major success, and camping is a lot of fun except while i was in d.c. it started raining and its been off and on raining since. everything is stinky moldy wet damp – i haven’t even been able to get my hair dry.

this morning i just went with it, had on my island dress and stood out in it while it just dropped. nice moment, followed by cold cold cold. this type of hot humidity you never feel clean in.

tomorrow i will hopefully get to climb, that’s the most exciting part, as well as sharing the vision for where ruckus is right now with the old network of trainers and ruckus family. folks have been remarkably kind and open and encouraging of what’s next for this work. i hope this moment doesn’t pass too soon.

i miss writing. but i don’t miss email or my phone, which drowned under my sleeping mat the other night. maybe it will dry out, maybe it will work. regardless, i am going to be in chicago on tuesday. hope i have a place to stay…

much love