pictures and words

the protest:


heart is hurting over the escalation of world war that is taking place
right now, understanding that the victims will be arab and muslim and
poor, will be those with less power, will be those who race and visions
of international domination isolates.

i am finally home after
chicago-milwaukee-paoli-dc-paoli-chicago-milwaukee-chicago trip. home
means oakland, still weird. my feet hurt like i ran the whole way.
ibrahim and i flew home, i worked all day, and then slept soooo hard!
this week has been meetings and meetings but its all great. i heart my
job, i see why we exist.

been hearing from different folks that necessary conversations to
follow up on this weekend’s hip-hop convention are taking place and
that seems right. i also see a rejuvenated energy in the folks i’m
working with and partnered with who were there. i know i came back with
a million ideas.

since i left the woods i keep dreaming about having leeches on me.
its not really that nice. but i’ve had two nights in my bed, and a good
conversation with my darling and particular roommate. i got to watch
some stargate in my new bed, its starting to feel like home!

i am having a fun time dressing for california. i have access to my
whole closet, not just travel gear, so i am throwing together all the
colors i have at my disposal and loving it!!

i found out a crush of mine was at the hip-hop convention, at the
same hotel, we both had our own rooms! not that my celibacy could be
moved by the proximity of such a juicy treat. still. ahem.

i am doing something secret this weekend. just so you know.

i will post pictures of my room soon – it is so lovely in there –
like all bed! i’m leaving my laptop at work these days so that home is
a respite. my street, my walk to work is plants and birds and sunlight.
i am kind of liking california life.