i am really proud of tchaiko omawale, my old business partner on conscious movements 
collective back in the day. we did some of the first edutainment events that i knew of, amazing
shows with tidbits of information, raising money for hiv/aids organizations. i just chatted with
her the other day, she's jumped across country in such a brave way, working on distributing
her film and committing to the struggle of being a filmmaker in l.a. its just powerful to hear
her workin through it and actually doing it!


i wrote this the other night hanging out with naina:

Out in the bay, prism cafe. Most cali hippy happy place I've been yet,
lovely vibe in the literal sense. I ate amazing food tonight by naina's
sister navina and got to see naina!! Naina is my twin star, a ball of
wonder. Now, right now, there's a beatbox vs tabla contest on stage,
they keep overlapping and that's the best part. Do I live here?
i have a picture of naina's crazy ass house - its beautiful and perfect.



Why I Fired My Secretary Today

Last Week Was My Birthday And I Didn't Feel Very Well Waking Up That

I Went Downstairs For Breakfast Hoping My Wife Would Be Pleasant And
Say, "Happy Birthday!", And Possibly Have A Present For Me.

As It Turned Out, She Barely Said Good Morning, Let Alone "Happy

I Thought... Well, That's Marriage For You, But The Kids Will Remember.

My Kids Came Into Breakfast And Didn't Say A Word.

So When I Left For The Office, I Was Feeling Pretty Low And Somewhat

As I Walked Into My Office, My Secretary Jane Said, "Good Morning, Boss,
Happy Birthday!"

It Felt A Little Better That At Least Someone Had Remembered.

I Worked Until one O'clock and Then Jane Knocked On My Door And Said,
"You Know, It's Such A Beautiful Day Outside, And It's Your Birthday,
Let's Go Out To Lunch, Just You And Me."

I Said, "Thanks Jane, That's The Greatest Thing I've Heard All Day.
Let's Go!"

We Went To Lunch. But We Didn't Go Where We Normally Would Go.

We Dined Instead At A Little Place With A Private Table.

We Had Two Martinis Each And I Enjoyed The Meal Tremendously.

On The Way Back To The Office, Jane Said,

"You Know, It's Such A Beautiful Day.. We Don't Need To Go Back To The
Office, Do We?"

I Responded, "I Guess Not. What Do You Have In Mind?"

She Said, "Let's Go To My Apartment."

After Arriving At Her Apartment Jane Turned To Me And Said, "Boss, If
You Don't Mind, I'm Going To Step Into The Bedroom For A Moment. I'll Be
Right Back."

"Ok." I Nervously Replied.

She Went Into The Bedroom And, After A Couple Of Minutes, She Came Out
Carrying A Huge Birthday Cake...

Followed By My Wife, Kids, And Dozens Of My Friends And Co-Workers, All
Singing "Happy Birthday".

And I Just Sat There...
On The Couch...



bus culture in oakland. some overheard convos between bus drivers and passengers are
coming soon!


i love the song 'crack music' by kanye west.


here is an excerpt of my reaction when a friend recently said she was almost on a beyonce
photo shoot. i have edited out my friend's part out of respect, since she mostly had to say
yes and tell me to calm down:

first, let's get her in your mind:


(12:58:34) lusciousmsbrown: WHAT>S jqw ;gqewh/fkvm q,fE ; 3bqgjssoxjzfdavs
(12:58:39) lusciousmsbrown: woah
(12:58:44) lusciousmsbrown: i just totally froke the fuck out
(12:58:46) lusciousmsbrown: sorry
(12:58:48) lusciousmsbrown: aslkdjhilaggv;ilqwbev
(12:58:56) lusciousmsbrown: THE SHPPTOEOT Wshotoeshoot??
(12:59:37) lusciousmsbrown: sigh
(12:59:39) lusciousmsbrown: breathing
(12:59:42) lusciousmsbrown: (deleted name of person who hooked up the shoot)!?!?
(12:59:45) lusciousmsbrown: damn
(12:59:47) lusciousmsbrown: ok
(12:59:49) lusciousmsbrown: breathing
(13:00:24) lusciousmsbrown: ok
(13:00:26) lusciousmsbrown: ok
(13:00:29) lusciousmsbrown: so you could have been like
(13:00:31) lusciousmsbrown: in proximity
(13:00:37) lusciousmsbrown: ok
(13:00:39) lusciousmsbrown: to her *f l e s h*
(13:00:48) lusciousmsbrown: ok
(13:00:51) lusciousmsbrown: ok
(13:00:54) lusciousmsbrown: like heard her voice
(13:00:55) lusciousmsbrown: wow
(13:01:00) lusciousmsbrown: all of that is overwhelming
(13:02:03) lusciousmsbrown: wow all i can think of is something like velvet
(13:02:49) lusciousmsbrown: water on her shoulder
(13:03:08) lusciousmsbrown: i think i couldn't really meet her. she's gone beyond.


i have a grant to work on!! fun stuff...