good head space

my my my…

what a weekend! i went to this beautiful place in northern california full of lovely people and big pretty trees, with a spring fed live pond in the middle and hot tubs just off an outdoor dance floor that pumped house music all night. the drive up was with a skilled speed demon and it was a good start. once i got there, there were a lot of people in a lot of places, if you know what i mean. what i got from the weekend is that i am in a good head space. i was selective about my experience, got the most out of camping, met the cream of the crop and danced like i haven’t danced in years.

i could tell you a lot more stories but somehow it won’t translate at all. there aren’t words for everything. but i do love camping, and i can see myself becoming the sort of person who turns to the outside world for balance and comfort, in wonder and appreciation. i haven’t had that experience too much in life – some ocean love in the south pacific, moments here and there, but it’s a lot easier in california to get away.

part of my good head space is focused on my lips and entering the realm of kisses again. chale.