my most beloved stalker, tanjila islam (not the scary one), is in san francisco – cover your windows and cling to your walls! she’s coming to pick me up from work and then who knows what will happen. she’s about to move to afghanistan, and whenever we hang out she tells me scandalous tales of dubai and/or nepal.

today has been a fairly good day, after a super lightheaded day yesterday. i had my first moment of real work challenge today, it was interesting. i’m sure the first of many. c’est la work.

last night i got to spend hours in good conversation, some of it on the topic of the future 5000, the next level of the future 500 project that dropped a few years ago. future 5000 is an online database of youth organizing that will allow folks to see who is doing what and why and how and where and with how many people and what the demographics look like and the press needs, fundraising needs, all of it. the potential for local, regional and national alliances with all of this information at our fingertips –  everyone would have some space in this realm. from the perspective of movement building, it’s so desperately needed it’s not even funny. so getting to spend time with it’s director Jessamyn as this project grows is exciting – she so clearly understands what needs to be done and how to do it.

i am biased, i want to have a direct action sub-network living in it, like i want to have a direct action circle in ibrahim’s bloc network when it launches. i love the idea of us all finally using the web to our benefit beyond the reach of rupert murdoch, on our own terms. so it was an inspiring night, an exciting night. it’s also been nice to get to know jessamyn, an excellent person really.

i have met some excellent people recently – last week kicked it with tshaka barrows, who works with ophelia at cjny and they are both laid way back in the cut of good.

one of the people i met at the party this weekend is sf-based and wants to kick it. why yes.

i’m also scheduled to see some much loved folks soon in New Orleans, Detroit, L.A., Canada, NY, Arizona, Japan. Plus my mom is coming to see me. Next weekend I’ll head to NY for sisters and early birthday celebrations, and we’ll have a sister Thanksgiving in DC. Then the family is going to do Christmas in California. Dunno why I’m telling you all that – it’s just really exciting to me, all this family time.  Family family, friend family…

But first, Asilomar this weekend for a Gathering of Women Entrepreuners. I get to sing there!

Until you hear me, here’s some music to find and listen to:

texas – group that did an import album with wu-tang clan years ago. i love the songs ‘say what you want’ and ‘polo mint city’
www.jdaveybaby.com – just go and listen to all that they have on the site. looks and feels good. thanks ibs.
and annie sampson – heard her cover of ‘its all over now, baby blue’ in a bar, found it cool.

this is my first night to be the last person in the office. its pretty exciting. i love working alone in a space, turning my music up and getting on a creative train of thought.

everytime i spell love i mispell it ‘lvoe’ and have to correct it. i wonder if that means anything in particular. perhaps after its all said and done it will turn out i simply didn’t have the instinct to spell out my needs 🙂