i feel like i have been wandering around waiting for the albums of mirah to creep up behind me and envelope me in a happy moment. so many sounds and massive revelations in the music – all couched in this soft little sexy voice. i heart mirah.

good moves happening on the jeff johnson, though he prolly isn’t changing tactics – a group of much-respected hip-hop folks currently working on voter engagement got together and spoke to jeff and are trying to be part of a healing process, while being honest about how this blackwell endorsement makes us feel. the feeling can best be expressed like…’NOT BLACKWELL!!!’ Jeff is next-level smart, so much else about what he’s thinking is reflective of where we’ve all been in our frustration with the bi-partisan cold-shoulder on responding to the issues of people of color, including real voting rights, when it’s not presidential election time. if it was any other candidate, i might be really coming out behind jeff…but blackwell, to me, is still the largest symptom of the disease. still, dialogue is happening, and the opportunity for folks to start expressing that we would sure like to stand in solidarity with each other and be TALKING about what’s the right next move, instead of just acting in 20 directions and wondering why change don’t come a callin. this may bore some of y’all but i think it is moments like these where the approach for the next phase of movement start to crystallize – will we sit in distant camps, will we love each other enough to be accountable and critical and still hold each other?

speakin of come a callin, i was supposed to go to l.a. this weekend (mansion in malibu, and some peeps i never get enough of), and also supposed to go to minnesota for the twin cities hip-hop summit. toki wright is the SHIT, so i just want to say if you are within two states of the twin cities this weekend, that is the place to be. but as i prepare to go to japan, i just have too much work to set in place to take off anywhere! i’m shaking off that adrienne ‘can’t say no’ mentality in sooo many ways. the first lesson of executive directorship: boundaries are yo’ friend!

when this mirah song ends i am gonna leave the office. or the next one.