oakland weekend

my first weekend in oakland i:

– went to sf for an amazing dinner cooked by my dear friend renna, who is deeply involved in helping spread the word about some justice for lebanese women and children.
– did LAUNDRY…by myself like i took it there and did it. it was surprisingly not as hard as i was expecting, since its been so long since i have done it myself, i am a dropper offer. but they were playing a movie there and i had a book to start, which i will tell you about…
– had an amazing brunch with daniel and dana, old columbia heads. maturity is nice in these conversations, we are able to slip quickly and easily into deep pockets of conversation
– did dishes!
– had a date that might just qualify in my top dates of ever ever. i still have more life to live, but it was a delight in every way.
– i finally saw an inconvenient truth. it made me cry, and made me extremely proud of the struggle that my daily work supports. i highly recommend it to everyone, as soon as possible. go gore, this is what you’re meant to do. {i know you don’t read this blog gore. but if still. just the sentiment.}
– read an entire book: the kite runner. please tell me you have read this, or will go read it right away. what a lovely, timely, amazing, painful book – i laid in bed sunday laughing and crying, carrying the book with me into the kitchen to make a snack and out on the the porch to get some sun and back into the house, everywhere i went, i didn’t want it to end.

and so the california love just continues to grow…

this week i am on blast because i head to japan on thursday. there’s more work and meetings to do than can ever be done but i am loving it. everyone says its cause i am jsut starting…i hope the magic lasts. so much exciting stuff – one of ruckus’ campaigns (quarantine wal-mart) was in the new york times weekend review this past weekend!! here’s the photo and here’s the article it accompanied!

Author: Adrienne

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  1. hey a

    you know what about the kite runner? i stayed in LA recently at Billy’s cousin’s house– this dude Bill Horberg. He’s a producer, and he’s producing the movie of that book right now. He showed me the audition tapes of all these little Afghani boys who were trying out for parts in the movie on his computer. It was great!

    Have fun in Japon. Back for my pre-birthday party Sept 2?


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