and tomorrow, japan

the amazing schedule this week has included non-stop back to back meetings with everyone i could possibly think to meet with to make sure things are cool for me to vacation for real in japan! oh its me and the parents, just like it was when i was 3! i am so excited. the last time i was in japan was December of 2004 and i was so moved by the place.

the idea is to do everything ahead of time so i can actually relax there, but it’s hard, i dream ruckus these days. but it’s like i’m in love with every aspect of the damn thing.

parenthetical break from happiness: (i just heard a jacked up story about my favorite airline jetblue – that raed jarrar, a friend of a young online organizer i know as scuba steve, was recently stopped by jetblue in d.c. for wearing a shirt that said ‘we will not be silenced’ in arabic and english and interrogated for 4 hours and then told he had to turn the shirt inside out or wear one they bought him to board the plane. he made the case that he’s a peace activist, and the freedom of speech angle, to no avail. jetblue is my favorite airline, what can we do to bring them back from the edge of fear? they even took my boy kip’s nalgene bottle!)

i have too much to do still to be writing to y’all but…i am in such a delightful mood these days. is it the coming vacation? is it the amazing job and amazing staff? is it my somewhat mysterious new friend? is it all the excellent new music i’ve been given (j.period best of the roots, christina aguilera, and three travel mixes)?

oh speaking of music, check out naeem, i met this kid in 04 doing electoral work in philly and he slipped me a little peak at some music he was making, including this song i fell in love with called backyard betty. then his music comes on in bryant terry’s car…apparently now naeem’s blowing up! i heard it cause bryant was driving me home from an AMAZING night at daniel alarcon‘s house that featured the good company of mike molina, this dope brother from hard knock radio, favianna, adam mansbach, ibrahim and two non-swedes, londoners who were visiting. talk about some great conversations, a beautiful evening of beautiful people unlimited good conversations…

ok now back to the pile of wrapping up!