nearing the end

so much things to say… this past weekend i went to the social venture network‘s ‘gathering of women entrepreneurs’ and got flipped over excited about what is possible for ruckus. […]

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the holy land

yesterday i had a quick lunch with one of my freshman college roommates. because of a disagreement with my father on who my neighbors should be, i ended up on […]

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my most beloved stalker, tanjila islam (not the scary one), is in san francisco – cover your windows and cling to your walls! she’s coming to pick me up from […]

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i am really proud of tchaiko omawale, my old business partner on conscious movements collective back in the day. we did some of the first edutainment events that i knew […]

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5 am

Its 5am in the morning. Today included a lot but too much to tell. The highlight was a local protest of the israeli move on lebanon. All week I’ve been […]

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