The Hidden Messages in Water

As an update – I woke up this morning convinced I needed to pull my last post down and keep it to myself. My thought of the day was “pummeled by waves” – you know when you’re a child in the ocean and want to swim but the waves keep knocking you down, pushing you off balance? This year has been like that, personal and professional, good and bad, wave after wave.

Then, I got so many lovely personal notes, and posts, and phone calls and texts and emails and just love in the past 24 hours. It will take me a while to respond appropriately.

I fasted all day today.

And then I went to see the amazing multimedia show of my loved ones Alixa and Naima called Hurricane Season (http://www.hurricaneseasontour.com/), which I’ve been watching them imagine into being for two years. They laid out all these hard interconnected truths, this modern world, as brutal and raw and devastating as it actually is.

Then they celebrated the other side, the light, the ways in which we are both the darkness and divisions and everything in between. All water, and water finds a way through stone. What I needed, when I needed it.

The other thing I did, and am about to do more of now, is work.

So – no answers, but I feel so much better. The ups with the downs.

Love you all!