Caught up, and Love

ok it looks like i blogged all day, but actually have been blogging every day and it was all backed up, so this is me catching up. i AM liveblogging the Facing Race conference on www.racewire.org as well.

this is not a speech or anything, just excerpts from a conversation on love:

(why isn’t there an emoticon for sad laugh)
is it a righteous thing to be the masochist in a fucked up dynamic?
insecurities are disgusting
i so wish u could reach a plateau where love was in effect and to get there you had to toss the insecurites back over the edge
i hate mine, im sure u hate yours
but when they start to become – the force behind actions? then they become dangerous
belief is life
privilege is deep, in all its beauty and ugliness
u have to both be braver
if u are gonna make it
strength…i think it comes more with surrender
we know so much! about our loves, don’t we?
you’re playing thumb war instead of holding hands
most of the stuff is lifelong
and lifelong is compounded by commitment because someone else will have to be a witness to your forever problems
love is present in passion and anger
and compassion