quickly, as one is in new york

i have been moving at a remarkable pace through an east coast trip, amazed that i once lived here in nyc, and once was one of the fastest doers in this fast city.

i got to surprise my father for his birthdayy this past weekend, and watch him be a granddad to my little nephew, and get seen by my family, which is always a trial and a triumph. most places i go in the world, people get a quick glimpse, and i think i give great glimpses. but my family knows me too well, they know my patterns for doing transformational work at breakneck candlewick speed, and tend to be less easily impressed with the results if they don’t also see me getting 8 hours of sleep, eating well, exercising. sigh. push-ups or power?

but it was good, like looking in a mirror and seeing something to smile at, and something to strive for. they love me so much they remind me to love myself more.

i took this executive director job in order to reimagine what healthy leadership could look like, if it was possible to have leadership as service AND be sustainable. its easy not to survive this job, i am still committed to the harder path of enjoying it.

now i’m in new york for a couple of days moving between very exciting meetings and interviews, and wrapping some time with my oldest friends around that. new york is where i learned the lesson that there is never enough time, which i am trying to unlearn each day of my life. but being here it’s easy to forget that life is a co-created dream, that each individual can draw a door through to the world they want and walk through it, at a pace that feels both thrilling and possible. being here i dash place to place, remember words like brisk, fraught, taunt, quick.

im between two things now, and each “thing” is completely invigorating and requires me to be fully present, so i feel remarkably alive, in love, and alert. i just wanted to throw a snapshot up here, since it’s a release and a discipline to write.

and i’m off.