Actual Problems That Aren’t In Your Head

Been here just one day, and have heard this phrase three times – “actual problems that aren’t in your head”.

Its a qualifier – he/she is dealing with actual problems, you know, not problems in your head.

I like this, its a clarifying way to approach things. Every time I come to New Orleans, before and after Katrina, I’ve seen the difference…not the better or worseness…but the difference of actual problems, deaths, violence, poverty, hunger, addictions, loss; actual problems versus problems in your head – feeling stressed, overworking yourself and then falling apart, etc.

I can get caught up in my own or others’ head problems, but I want to focus all my work, all my creative energy, on solutions to actual problems.

One of my hosts’ neighbors has stopped by, is talking about love – loving self more than loving another, but missing that other so much. Love is so complex and has a lot of dark sides, but love for self is such a liberation. And love for another, I think, helps lead to a whole and truly intimate living human experience. He is reminding me of how precious love is, its humorous how he approaches the love but…i love love.

And I love neighbor culture in NOLA.