i just missed an incident in denver, which i found out later on the news was a massive accident, a mystery, people jumping out of a burning plane, 38 injuries, some critical. my experience of it was a delay on the opposite side of the denver airport, 20 minutes late into boston.

i think major emotional moments can be like that sometimes.

some of my extended family have cut me off since i told them i was in love with a girl. i didn’t do it very gracefully or articulately, but i thought hey – take me or leave me, i have to be me. the longer this cut-off process happens the more it hurts. how could you not take me?

anyway…yesterday one of them called to wish my mother a happy birthday and i picked up the phone, handed it off. it felt like the incident, maybe slightly awkward for others…for me i felt smashed and burning and hurt and in danger. sad sad.

where’s my news story?