just slipped out of a hot long bath with these bath cubes from l’occitane, reading the year of rice and salt, which i have been slowly reading for months. i have survivor to read, by octavia, but i am saving it. i had a whiskey and water. i nearly slipped beneath the surface and stayed there, not in a morbid way, just in the way that hot water – to me – is the most luxurious feeling in the world.

i watched 3 movies today, all ones i’d seen before, in the spirit of relaxation.

i have a huge amount of writing to do tomorrow, a biracial analysis on the election. i am very excited and ready to write this piece, i felt like it was building up over the past two years within me, i am ready not to write it, but to unleash it.

i’ve seen some amazing things this year, most recently the joy on my dad’s face at getting to videochat with his nephew. said nephew – finn – looked at the screen, and the mini-frame of his face – with equal parts wonder and disinterest. he is started to follow conversations, when his parents talk he follows. when he heard my dad’s voice come through the computer he smiled. we all laughed, and his face fell into a deeper smile, and my dad was amazed.

for a year, everything he does is a miracle, and my nephew is also in miracle zone. its a good moment.

looking for reruns of Hope-Rah tonight after the family watching of Wanted, because my love for angelina is a family affair.

hope you’re reading this in a near-nirvanic state of bliss.